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An outdoor view of Larry's Auto Service Center on a sunny day in Bethlehem, PA
Photograph of Larry Wernett, owner of Larry's Auto Service Center, LLC of Bethlehem, PA

There is no substitute for experience

My name is Larry Wernett, and this is my shop. I've been fixing cars for over 40 years right here in Bethlehem, PA.

Fix it right the first time…
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Bethlehem can vouch for me

Within the community of Bethlehem, I have a hard earned reputation founded on integrity and technical excellence.

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I'm fully confident in Larry's skill and expertise. He's fixed problems others couldn't, and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.


For over 15 years Larry has serviced our fleet of more than 30 vehicles. He gives the same attention to detail on every job, and goes out of his way to accomodate our needs.


Larry is the soul of my fleet – he keeps us going everyday. He knows our trucks inside and out – it's because of him that our trucks stay on the road.


I feel like Larry is a member of my team. He's accessible at a moments notice, always comes through in a pinch, and does top notch work.


When you find somebody you trust, you stick with them. I've known Larry for 9 years and am confident in his judgement. His expertise is second to none.


Larry is valuable to me for his special knack at finding the root of a problem. When he fixes it, you know its fixed for good.


Not only does Larry have fine-tuned diagnostic ability, but he always knows exactly how long a job will take.